Spirit Guardian
  • Brief Introduction to The Equipment System

    Aug 07,2015

    Equipment in Spirit Guardian is a vital part of hero progression. The properties they provide greatly increase a hero’s effectiveness in battle. There are 5 types of equipment:

    Weapon: Increase ATK of a hero. 

    Helm: Increase HP of a hero. 
    Armor: Increase HP and DEF of a hero. 
    Boots: Increase HP and ATK of a hero. 

    Special: Increase BLOCK, DODGE, and/or CRIT of a hero. 

    *Enhancing equipment will increase it’s base properties.

    Affinity equipment are the best in the game and provide heroes additional properties when equipped on heroes with the right Affinity. They are also the hardest equipment to obtain. 

    Equipment also comes in different qualities.

    Legendary equipment (orange) are the most powerful, requiring 50 shards to synthesize.

    Epic equipment (purple) require 30 shards to synthesize. 

    Keep in mind equipment in Spirit Guardian is not bound to heroes, so they can be swapped between heroes to save players a lot of gold and other resources. Be sure to keep your heroes’ equipment updated as they level up, or risk falling behind. 

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