Spirit Guardian
  • Brief Introduction to the Affinity System

    Aug 06,2015
    The Affinity System in Spirit Guardian is an important game feature that rewards players for teaming up certain heroes together. Deploying heroes that have Affinity with each other will make their property increase, making them much more effective in battle. Sometimes, a team of low star Heroes that share Affinities will be better than a team of high star Heroes with no Affinities!

    You can view a hero’s Affinity by going into the Heropedia and selecting a hero. On the right side of the hero interface, you will see a list of available Affinities and detailed information for each.

    For example, in the screenshot above we see that the hero “Medusa” has an Affinity called “Martial Dating” when paired with Master Pan. When these 2 heroes are deployed together, she will receive a bonus +18% to HP. Below you can see the same Affinity listed for Master Pan. Different Affinities provide different properties boosts so players should choose which can benefit their hero the most. 

    Additionally, heroes also have Equipment Affinity with certain items in the game. These are listed below the Hero Affinities. Equipping the required item will make heroes’ properties increase and make them even more formidable. 
    Master the Affinity System in Spirit Guardian and you will be reaching the top in no time!

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