Spirit Guardian
  • Spirit Guardian Christmas 2016 Preview

    Dec 14,2016

    Time is slipping away, the second Christmas for Spirit Guardian is approaching with a blink of eye. Looking back over the past year, the key word for 2016 is GRATITUDE. It wasn’t for the fans’ constant support, Spirit Guardian couldn’t have accomplished so many honors; it wasn’t for the fans’ constant support, Spirit Guardian couldn’t have gone so far. 

    In order to thank for all of the fans of Spirit Guardian. This Christmas, alongside with other games of GTarcade, Spirit Guardian has prepared a Christmas Theme Page. Here is a preview of this Christmas Holiday Season for SG. During the holiday season, you can constantly get a total of ten codes in which we have prepared abundant materials for improving yourselves. The exact content of the codes will be released next week. More events will be held on Spirit Guardian to embellish the Christmas 2016. 

    Featuring a refined real-time battle system that combines the best aspects of GTArcade’s past games, Spirit Guardian gives players complete control of their Heroes as they take on the dark forces. Carefully position your heroes, aim your abilities to do maximum damage and dodge deadly boss attacks; victory or defeat is all in your hands. The unique Affinity system provides even more ways to plan your battles. The more heroes you possess, the greater your combination choices and level of strategy. This Christmas, let’s ROCK & ROLL with Spirit Guardian. 

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