Spirit Guardian
  • New Hero: Nine Tails

    Jul 12,2016

    Nine Tails is the favorite concubine of King of Shang and Zhou Dynasties who is a femme fatale transformed from a fox. After being silent for thousands of years, now she is awakened and decides to rule the dreamland with you! Nine Tails belongs to the Oriental Legend, as she joins the Oriental League, the league of beauty has come to a higher stage. Now let’s have a look at what kind of skills Nine Tails’s got. 

    Nine Tail’s Skills:

    Ultimate Skill: Spirit Dash

    As Nine Tails wanders in the Dreamland, she attacks targets in range 5 times for 420% total damage, each attack has a 16% chance to freeze for 2s. Nine Tails, elegant but agile, shuttle in the dreamland freely and deal damage to the enemies within range. She can bewitch the enemies and freeze them with probability. 

    Mystic Orb 

    Nine Tails fires her mystic orb, dealing damage to the enemies on its way out, and heals a portion of HP when it returns. Nine Tails can not only deal damage, buts also heals her own HP and fights bravely with her iron will on the battlefield.


    Nine Tails blows a velvet kiss at a random enemy, dealing damage and forcing them to move towards her while unable to attack. With her charm, the enemies walk to Nine Tails spontaneously without defense thus give allies great opportunities to make tons of attack. 


    Male characters on the battlefield increase Nine Tails damage, the more male characters, the more damage Nine Tails can perform. 


    Nine Tails increases her attack and gains Ice Buff (increase damage from frozen targets)

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