Spirit Guardian
  • Veteran Player Experience Sharing

    Sep 07,2015


    9/8 0:00 - 9/15 23:59  (EDT time) 

    Two months have passed since Spirit Guardian was launched, and a great amount of players have been really enthusiastic and focused on this wonderful game. And now some of you have reached the MAX level-70 of the current version. We strongly appreciate the efforts that you have paid in the past two months. Now we want to invite all the lovely players who have reached a Level-70 to join this Veteran Player Experience Sharing Event to post the strategies that have been concluded during the journey with Spirit Guardian. 

    *We do appreciate all players who have reached a Level-70 to send us the evidence of getting the LEVEL-70 and share strategies of your own to motivate other players. 

    How to participate:
    Just reply below and do not forget to tell us your in-game information.

    Screenshot of Level 70: 
    My own strategy of playing Spirit Guardian: xxxxx
    Server: xxxxx
    Character ID: xxxxx

    900 diamonds and 20,000 golds
    *For those who have posted a super awesome strategy, there will be extra prizes for your wonderful job.*
    *All rewards will be sent to your in-game mailbox within 96 hours after the event ends. Please be aware. 

    Download now:

    iOS: https://goo.gl/phqF62 

    Android: https://goo.gl/uVksdY 


    Additional Information:

    Try out Spirit Guardian-Vanguard Rush for yourself by visiting the following link: 


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