Spirit Guardian
  • FAQ of Spirit Guardian

    Aug 06,2015


    Q: I got a Hero through divination, but the card didn’t appear in my inventory.
    A: You might have received a Hero shard. You will need to collect more shards to combine into a Hero card.

    Q: I used 8500 diamonds to divine 10 times, but received no legendary ones.
    A: The first time you use 8500 diamonds to buy a 10x divination, it guarantees a Legendary hero. After that, when your total divination with diamonds reaches 10, you are guaranteed to get either an Epic or Legendary hero.

    Q: I can't personalize my system avatar with my favorite hero avatar.
    A: The avatar for a Hero will be available to use when that Hero reaches purple quality or above. 


    Q: I bought a monthly card (supreme card), but never received it.
    A: Please check under "Daily Quest." You can claim your daily allowance from the monthly card each day.

    Q: I bought diamonds in the store, but I didn’t get my diamonds.
    A: Please provide us with a screenshot of the receipt of this payment and we will get your issue resolved ASAP. You can upload the screenshot to an image hosting site and send us a link.

    Q: If I buy the supreme card, will it add 300 points in my VIP EXP each day?
    A: VIP EXP increases according to the amount of diamonds that you buy directly. You will receive VIP EXP for the upfront diamonds you received, but not for each daily allowance.

    Q: Can I receive double diamonds again after I already purchased the first time?
    A: You can only get double diamonds when you recharge the first time for each diamond bundle.

    Q: I can’t make a payment. It says that I need to contact iTunes about this payment.
    A: You can try again or check your credit balance to make sure you have enough funds. Please contact Apple if the issue persists.

    Basic Function:

    Q: How to know my Character ID(CID)?
    A: Click your avatar on the top left corner of your in-game system. You will find your Character ID.

    Q: Why didn’t the diamonds I spent increase my VIP EXP?
    A: You only receive VIP EXP when you purchase diamonds, not when you spend them.

    Q: Why can’t I send stamina to 5 Facebook friends for the Daily Quest?
    A: This quest is only available to players who sign into the game with their FB account.

    Q: Can reputation tokens be used to buy shards? How can I get them? Is it only during daily reward or every arena match?
    A: Yes, they can be used to buy shards. You can get them from daily rewards and weekly rewards. Having a higher rank in Arena will earn you more reputation tokens each day.

    Q: How do I get stamina?
    A: There are 4 ways to get stamina. 
    1.Click the stamina icon to purchase stamina with diamonds; 
    2.Purchase Stamina Orb in VIP store; 
    3.You can collect stamina from your friends in-game; 
    4.You can worship if you participate in guild.
    Q: How to use XP Dust?
    A: You can level up heroes with XP Dust. 


    Q:What time do game functions reset on the Medusa Server?
    A: The Medusa Server currently resets at 3:00 AM (GMT-4).

    Q: When will the new server open? When will we get new events?
    A: You can follow our Facebook page and official site to get all the latest news such as new server launches and new events. Thank you for your support.